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Bring out your child’s true potential with reliable maths tutoring services. At Patricia Mogose Maths Tutor in Peterborough, I offer professional tuition for primary school, secondary school and A-level students. Contact me today.

Professional tutor

GCSE maths tuition

BSc Honours and PGCE qualified

Year 3 students

  • Multiples of numbers
  • More fractions: 1/8, 1/10 etc.
  • Decimal fractions: getting a feel for their size
  • Continued use of the 4 main operators: +, -, x, / and extending to more detailed calculations
  • introducing symbols: less than <, and greater than >
  • Adding more than 2 numbers
  • Multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit
  • Introducing the larger times tables to 10
  • Division: halving and quartering by division
  • Understanding concept of remainder in division
  • Square numbers and prime numbers

Tuition for year 4 students

  • Odds and Evens: Telling whether the result of an addition is odd or even by looking at the properties of the two numbers added together
  • Introducing ratios
  • Decimals and Fractions, looking at their relationship
  • Adding with decimal numbers
  • Subtracting decimals
  • Multiplication by doubling
  • Division by a single digit
  • Extending work with the 4 operators
  • Measurement in different units
  • Negative numbers appreciation of ‘more’ and ‘less’
  • Areas by counting squares
  • Perimeters of shapes
  • 3D shapes: faces, edges, vertices, nets
  • Angles and measurement by protractor
  • Compass points
  • Fraction equivalence

Year 5 maths tuition

  • Writing larger numbers as figures and words
  • Estimating calculations by rounding
  • Estimating fractions of quantities
  • Negative numbers: finding the difference between 2 such numbers
  • Multiples and Factors
  • Number squaring
  • Fractions: comparison of, with different denominators
  • Considering one quantity as a fraction of another
  • Percentage of a quantity, calculation on paper
  • Further extension of work with the 4 operators
  • Adding various sized numbers in appropriate columns
  • Subtracting: hundreds and thousands
  • Multiplying of decimals and long multiplication
  • Dividing: into numbers in hundreds and thousands
  • Calculator work for all operations, including more complex problem solving
  • Areas in square mm, cm, m, also converting between such units
  • Metric and imperial units: appreciation and comparison
  • Triangles: identifying the different types
  • Time: the 24-hour clock
  • Types of angles and calculating a missing angle
  • Transformations: Reflection and Rotation
  • Probability: appreciation of, and associated words

Year 6 maths

  • This year will be consolidation of work from previous years and new material. At the end of Year 6, SATs tests in arithmetical skills and mathematical reasoning will be taken.
  • Additional material as follows:
  • Describing the pattern in number sequences
  • Awareness of larger multiples of single digit numbers
  • Fractions: using all 4 operators, mixed numbers, improper fractions
  • Percentages of quantities, one number as percentage of another, with and without calculator
  • Polygons: names and properties
  • Extending work with the 4 operators
  • Long multiplication with 3 digit numbers
  • Division: Long, by 2 digit numbers
  • Estimating decimal calculations by rounding to a whole number
  • Calculator work – extended to fractions
  • Brackets in more complex calculations
  • Converting metric/imperial units
  • Area calculation: square, rectangle and triangle
  • Further types of quadrilaterals

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